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Posted 11 months ago

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AANP Accredited Stamp - Light (EPS)

Don't miss out on a variety of accredited AANP CEUs! Only  a few more days until until the 16th Annual St. Louis Nurses in Advanced Practice Symposium-we have something for everyone. Don't wait-Register Today! 

2019 Symposium

Pre-Conference Information
MARCH 21, 2019 FROM 4-7PM 


    • EKG INTERPRETATION BY DR. PREETI JOIS    This will include: EKG Basics, Tachycardias and Treatment,  Atrial Fibrillation- Risk Scores, DOACs and Reversal  Strategies,  Bradycardias and Treatment, Coronary Risk Scores, Stratification and Evaluation of “Chest Pain”,  and “Don’t Miss” EKGs
    • BEGINNING SUTURING TECHNIQUES BY GERE OCHS  This will include basic simple interrupted, horizontal mattress, vertical mattress, and corner stitches. Great as a refresher or for those who are new to suturing.
    • ADVANCED SUTURING TECHNIQUES BY CHRIS PINKERTON  This class will cover suturing beyond the basics: running sutures, subcuticular suturing, high tension wounds, v-y conversion, and nail suturing.
    • OFFICE PROCEDURE WORKSHOP BY CARLA BECKERLE AND MARGARET BENZ  This class will cover digital blocks, field blocks, I&D abscesses, punch biopsy, cryosurgery, and shoulder and knee injections. Learn how to bring in more revenue for your practice by doing simple office procedures in-house.
    • XRAY INTERPRETATION BY DR. CHRIS HEMMER  Join Dr. Hemmer as he discusses everything you need to know about xrays! He will focus on chest, skeletal, and abdominal xrays. Everything you need to know about xray interpretation for beginners and experienced providers that want to enhance their Xray knowledge. 

Symposium Information
MARCH 22, 2019 FROM 6:30AM - 5:30PM 

Learn from this impressive list of national speakers!:

  • Barb Bancroft (with keynotes on interpretation of lab results with a pharmaceutical focus)
  • Joe Flores (a nurse practitioner and attorney who will be discussing legal issues and being an NP)
  • Dr. Preeti Jois (from the ER Bootcamp series in Vegas) leading the EKG interpretation workshop

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*Final Continuing Education hours including Pharmacology hours are pending AANP Approval